How to Become a Good Role Model for Kids

The most powerful role models to children are the ones sitting with them in the dinner table – their parents. If you’ve been wondering how you could make shape your kids into model citizens, here are some tips for parents on how to become role model parents.


No matter how old you currently are, you can always work on improving yourself. Self-improvement is something to always keep in mind if you want to raise well-behaved kids. To do this, you can try to do new things and broaden your horizons. This, in return, will teach your children to never stop learning. There’s always something new to learn in this life. Try to learn something new every day.

Healthy Living

Eating properly and exercising regularly impacts not only our lives but our children’s as well. Obesity in kids can lead to illnesses and depression. Here, moderation in exercise and diet is key. Keep your weight within the healthy limit and your kids will surely take this as a virtue.

Be Open

Be as transparent as you can who you are as a person to your kids. Disclose your past experiences, including your mistakes and successes. Teach them that being vulnerable is a good way to earn strength. Try taking your children to work with you and let them see your daily life. While status doesn’t really matter, your attitude and perspective can make a huge difference.

Praise Appropriately

Instead of just saying “good job” or “very good”, say something a little more specific such as, “Waiting is hard, but you’ve been very patient. I really liked how you behaved today!” When you notice your child does something nice or helpful, make sure to let them know how you feel. This will encourage them to do more good in the future.

Controlling Self

It’s important to release emotions, it is healthy and stress-reducing. However, how you do that can take a toll on your kid’s mentality. While quite hard, it always pays to practice self-control as much as you can, especially with the kids around. So try to hold that temper and keep your calm. If the anger or frustration needs to really be belted out, going to the gym or running might help.