About Us

Most parents agree that parenting is the hardest thing they ever do, it is even more challenging than winning in Clash Royale. And it’s one adventure with no roadmap. Since every child is different, no two parents have the same journey ahead. However, we also know that both new and seasoned parents can benefit tremendously from some helpful, accurate and insightful advice from time to time. We, at efacc-eg.com, takes pride in our mission to deliver the most up-to-date information to all parents and parents-to-be, helping you to reduce the effort and ease your parenting journey, making it as joyful as possible.


Whether you’re preparing for your first child or you already have a large family, one never knows when new parenting challenges will arise. For tough moments, our experts can offer information on time-tested approaches and clever strategies. Plus, we aren’t all about troubleshooting and problem-solving. We also want to help you enjoy the sweetest parts of parenthood, from planning unforgettable birthday parties to finding the ideal baby name to creating keepsakes as your children grow up.


We also know that good parenting relies both on taking care of your children, and also taking care of yourself. From fitness to nutrition to relaxation, we can help you cover all the necessary bases to maintain your own peace of mind. By taking care of yourself, you’ll feel more energetic and able to give your family your very best.


While tender loving care is certainly ingredient number one, sometimes parents also require guidance on strictly practical matters. Whether you’re sorting out financial planning for college or you’re trying to understand your changing tax responsibilities, there’s no substitute for a bit of informed advice.


At times, parenthood can feel overwhelming. It can seem as if nobody else is around. For the stay-at-home-parent, so much time is spent with children that supportive and “grown-up” conversation can feel elusive. On the other hand, working parents may feel that there’s no time, between work and parenting, to decompress and inform themselves. The beauty of the internet is that you can now get all the information you need, anytime and anywhere. Our in-depth articles and features cover numerous nuances of parenting skills – especially the challenges that feel most isolating to first-timers.


Finally, parenting is nothing new. Over generations, new parents have found their way both through “trial and error” and through relying on the support of friends and family. In crafting our articles, we draw both on ancient wisdom, passed down through generations, and on fresh approaches to particularly modern parenting situations. Grappling with the role of technology in your child’s life? You may not be able to consult your beloved grandmother, but you can turn to us. Trying to find foods that your fussy eater will accept? You may find some exotic solution, like mashed avocado, or it may turn out that the same approach your own parents took will get your child eating full meals again.


In the end, there’s no final word on the best way to parent. We hope you will enjoy reading the content that we have delivered in this blog and be able to help each parent sort out what makes the most sense for themselves and their children.